Over 30 years of experience in supplying Dynafluid steam and water mixing valves.

  • Automatically mixes steam and water proportionally, heating it to a selected temperature and providing a ready supply of hot water.
  • The valves are “fail-safe” and cannot pass live steam from the outlet without water flow.
  • Dynafluid 2000 valve is available in four sizes: ½”, ¾”, 1″ and 1 ½”. Maximum temperature of 200°F and maximum pressure of 150 PSI.
  • Bronze body, chrome plated, and stainless steel body options available. Teflon coated units also available for hard water applications.
  • Sizing charts provided to calculate required hot water temperature rise and gallon per minute produced for each size valve with steam and water on site.
  • Easy to install in any position, simple to maintain and service, operates with uneven steam and water pressure, quiet and economical service, and eliminates need for hot water storage.
  • Experience and knowledge in crossing: Armstrong, Leonard, Miyawak, Spirax Sarco, Strahman, and T & S Brass steam and water mixing valves.
  • Call today for proper sizing of a valve for your application!
Dynafluid Steam and Water Mixing Valve

Dynafluid Steam and Water Mixing Valve

Washdown stations, hoses, water guns, spray nozzles, and water gun lances also available.

  • Washdown stations for clean-up purposes in food processing plants, chemical plants, and pharmaceutical facilities. Also used in food, meat, and dairyfacilities for in plant sanitizing and clean-up. Industrial operations for process cleaning and de-greasing.
  • Complete washdown stations with: mixing valve, hose, hose rack, water gun, thermometer, strainers, and shutoff valve.
  • Different lengths of hose available with red or white color options. Non-marring industrial strength.
  • Industrial water guns available with protective rubber cover and various color options. Designed for single- handed use with front trigger or rear trigger.
  • Controllable water pattern, from wide spray to concentrated jet. Wide range of orifice sizes for differing flow rate requirements.
  • Most components factory stock!
Dynafluid Water Guns

Dynafluid Water Guns

Hot and cold water mixing valves.

  • Dynafluid 3000 offers a straightforward and economic solution for instant, temperature controlled hot water on demand.
  • Thermostatic valve that can be adjusted from 100°F up to the factory-set maximum of 140°F. In normal operating conditions, the set-point temperature is held to within ±5°F.
  • Bronze body valve with ¾” FNPT connections. Operates over a range of 10 to 90 psi operating pressure and 150 psi static pressure.
  • Valve shuts down within five seconds if cold water supply fails.
  • Straightforward installation requires no gas or electricity. Easy to service without removing from pipework.
  • Hot and cold water mixing valve is factory stock to ship today!
Dynafluid Washdown Station

Dynafluid Washdown Station