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  • Distributor of Fluitek brand filter elements for over 25 years!
  • Fluitek offers the most complete line of industrial filtration elements available today. The product line covers over 200,00 different elements used for air, fuel, oil, and water applications.
  • Ability to cross any manufacturer’s filter part number or description. End user, OEM, and reseller pricing available.
  • We have the ability to save your company money and cut delivery time!

Air intake elements-

  • Designed for the removal of atmospheric dust or particulate in the air intake system of compressors, blowers, vacuum pumps, and engines.
  • Media available in cellulose, woven fabric, or felted media with either sewn, molded, or metal end configurations.
  • Over 100 different types of media to provide intake filter solutions with an efficiency range of 0.3 to 750 micron.
  • High temperature elements available for applications up to 1000 ̊F.
  • Versatile manufacturing process enables us to offer these filters in thousands of different sizes and media configurations.
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Fluitek Air Intake Filters

Fluitek Air Intake Filters

Metal elements-

  • Filters for the removal of hard, coarse contaminants from applications including hydraulic oil, lube oil, cutting oil, fuel, and solvents.
  • Carbon steel, stainless steel, and titanium construction available. Ability to fabricate custom end caps and pleat packs. Any style, shape, or size can be custom manufactured.
  • Micron ratings from 5 to 750 micron. All welded and crimped end configurations eliminate the need for adhesives and allow the metal elements to be used in high temperature and aggressive chemical applications.
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Fluitek Metal Elements

Fluitek Metal Elements

Compressed air filters-

  • Used to remove solid particulate, water, oil mist, and oil/water vapors from compressed air systems.
  • Offered in coalescer, particulate, and carbon absorption filters. Designed to remove submicron contaminants.
  • Available in 0.01 to 100 micron. Fluitek coalescing filters offer a specially formulated borosilicate glass media to achieve coalescing of less than 0.003 ppm oil carryover.
  • Over 20,000 filters available in this product line!
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Fluitek Compressed Air Filters

Fluitek Compressed Air Filters

Coalescer/Separator elements-

  • Designed for the separation and removal of water from gasoline, aviation fuel, kerosene, and diesel fuel.
  • Made from a combination of pleated and wrapped layers of fiberglass media, Fluitek’s coalescer elements are capable of high flow rates and water removal down to 5 ppm.
  • Filtration efficiencies ranging from 0.5 to 25 micron.
  • The accompanying separator element is offered as Teflon coated, fully synthetic, and Silicon-treated cellulose.
  • Fluitek coalescer and separator elements meet commercial, military, and American Petroleum Institute (API) specifications.
  • Competitive prices and quick delivery!
Fluitek Coalescer and Separator Filters

Fluitek Coalescer and Separator Filters

Compressor filters-

  • Fluitek offers a complete line of compressor filters including air intake, lube oil, and air/oil separators.
  • Designed to maintain clean air, to clean oil, and to retain the oil in the compressor after the compression cycle.
  • Designed to meet the compressor OEM specifications to assure protection of vital components on all major brands of air compressors.
  • Filters available for all designs of compressors including rotary vane, rotary screw, natural gas, and ammonia refrigeration compressors.
  • Over 100 different brands of compressors interchanged and over 10,000 high quality filters available!
  • Call with OEM part number for competitive price quote!
Fluitek Compressor Elements

Fluitek Compressor Elements

Depth elements-

  • Elements used in low flow filtration systems on applications with soft contaminants, sludge, slime, or waxes.
  • Depth elements are used to clean or recycle hydraulic oil, compressor oil, gear oil, or quench oil.
  •  Several different media options are available including cellulose and synthetic fiber blended media.
  • Fluitek depth filters are available in an efficiency range from 1 to 150 micron and with a temperature rating up to 350 ̊F.
  •  The prime advantages of depth filtration elements are high dirt holding capacity, long filtration cycles, and high retention of small particulate in polishing applications.
  • Contact De-Mar & Associates with your filter application questions!
Fluitek Depth Elements

Fluitek Depth Elements

Cartridge filters-

  • Cartridge filters available in: wound, pleated, melt blown, and resin bounded elements.
  • Fluitek cartridge filters are used in RO system pre-filters, beverage, brewery, ultra pure water, chemical, ink, paint, and sterile vent air filtration.
  • Media supplied as: cellulose, Polypropylene, FDA Polypropylene, cotton, bleached cotton, FDA bleached cotton, Rayon, Nylon, Polyester, acrylic, fiberglass, anti-microbial FDA Polypropylene.
  • Cores available in: Polypropylene, tinned steel, 304 stainless steel, 316 stainless steel, Polyester, and Nylon.
  • Wide range of media allows Fluitek to offer filtration solutions for various applications with an efficiency range of 0.1 to 400 micron.
  • Elements are available with all the popular end cap configurations to allow Fluitek cartridges to fit in any existing housings without modifications.
  • Spun wound filters stock in Overland Park, KS!
Fluitek Cartridge Filters

Fluitek Cartridge Filters

Spin-on elements-

  • Used for the removal of contaminants from hydraulic oils, coolants, lube oils, fuels, water, and reservoir tank breathers.
  • Fluitek spin-on elements contain surface or depth loading media such as cellulose, microglass, water absorbing, or stainless steel mesh.
  • Variety of available media allows for elements that are suitable for flow rates up to 100 GPM and a micron efficiency of 1 to 150 micron
  • Fluitek also offers spin-on filter heads avaliable in single and multiple element design.
  • They are offered with NPT, SAE, and BSP port options ranging from ¼” to 1 ⅞”.
  • Fluitek heads are available with gauge and indicator options to let the operator know when the element needs to be changed.
  • Many sizes and styles of spin-on filters stock at the factory!
Fluitek Spin-On Filters

Fluitek Spin-On Filters

Hydraulic filters-

  • Fluitek hydraulic elements are used for the removal of fine and granular contaminants in critical filtration applications.
  • Applications include servo valve protection, engine test stands, power units, turbine oil filtration, and paper machine lube systems.
  • Hydraulic filters are available in: cellulose, microglass, stainless steel, and sintered stainless steel media.
  • Specially engineered microglass media was designed to meet beta efficiency results based on ISO4572 and ISO16889 testing standards.
  • With a Beta 200 or higher efficiency at micron ratings of 1 to 40 micron, Fluitek elements offer high performance filtration results that will meet or exceed competitors’ specifications for efficiency, dirt holding capacity, and overall filtration life.
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Fluitek Hydraulic Filters

Fluitek Hydraulic Filters

Panel filters-

  • Commonly used on intake and exhaust applications.
  • Primarily used on: compressor intakes, grease catchers, spark arrestors, HVAC filtration, odor removal, and the final filtration of dust collection systems.
  • Product line offered in several media types including stainless steel mesh, pleated cellulose, aluminum mesh, Polyester felt, HEPA, carbon bed, and fiberglass.
  • Panel filter media available with an efficiency range of 0.3 to 500 micron.
  • Fluitek also offers high temperature and all-metal panel filters for applications that require high temperature media or cleanable panels.
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Fluitek Panel Filters

Fluitek Panel Filters