The “Groovy” Wheelco/Barber-Colman
Instrument Van (1961 Industrial Show)

60 Years of Industry Experience

Parker & Foster, Inc. was founded in 1953 by Harold L. Foster and Donald Parker. The industrial sales company started as a manufacturer’s representative company in Kansas City, covering the territory of Kansas and Missouri. Initial sales were primarily based on their first two product lines of H.O. Trerice gauges and thermometers and Wheelco/Barber-Colman industrial instruments. Between 1953 and the early 1970s, Parker & Foster, Inc. continued to grow their customer base and established additional product lines including Cuno filters, Filterite filters, Hayword filters, Atkomatic solenoid valves, Durant counters, and Tescom regulators.

In early 1972 Dennis and Mark Foster joined the sales force as the second generation of Fosters to work for the company. De-Mar & Associates was then formed as the distributor side of the business. With the distribution business established, these additional lines were added: Ogden heaters, Hecon counters, Williamson infrared, Land infrared, Ronningen-Petter filters, Lakos separators, and Rama heaters.

Trerice Industrial Thermometer Display (1957)

Trerice Industrial Thermometer Display (1957)

The third generation of the family was introduced to the business when Chris and Matt Foster joined the sales force in 1996. Parker & Foster, Inc. and De-Mar & Associates were merged into one company in 2000, continuing to provide a strong focus of supplying quality products with excellent customer service. With the addition of Chris and Matt, the focus on filtration, valves, and industrial controls was revitalized. The addition of Fluitek filters, Eaton filters, Circle Seal valves, J.D. Gould solenoid valves, and Precision gauges has increased their ability to provide customers with quality products and knowledgeable service.