Midwest’s largest supplier of vidoegraphic recorders for the aerospace industry.

∘ Eurotherm model 6100A, 6180A, and AERODAQ vieographic recorder designed to meet Aerospace Material Specification AMS2750D.  This specification covers pyrometric requirements for thermal processing equipment used for heat treatment.

Eurotherm 6000 Series Videographic Recorders

Eurotherm 6000 Series Videographic Recorders

∘ 48 Universal inputs to accept thermocouple, RTD, VDC, and mA signals. 96 MB internal memory, compact flash card ready, and front USB port for easy data downloads.

∘ Maths, totalizers, counters, and events for virtual channels.  12 Groups available to organize the various channels into familiar or similar groups.

∘ Batch option available to allow the operator or engineer to record up to 10 lines of data as a Batch data entry with a time stamp.

∘Bridge software available to view the recorder channels realtime from a remote workstation.  Review software available to upload and manage the data points from an encrypted .uhh data format.

∘Ethernet connection standard with Ethernet TCP/IP and Modbus Master as available options.



Paper chart recorders, circular charts, strip charts, and recorder pens.

Eurotherm Circular Chart Recorder

Eurotherm Circular Chart Recorder

∘ Eurotherm/Chessell circular chart recorders available with up to 4 inputs, accepts all thermocouple, RTD, mA, and VDC Inputs.  Options of totalizers, events, alarms, and RS-422 communications.  12 Hr, 24 Hr, or 7 Day chart options.

∘ Eurotherm/Chessell 100 mm strip chart recorders also available with up to 6 inputs, accepts all thermocouple, RTD, mA, and VDC Inputs.  Options of maths, totalizers, counters, event, alarms, and RS-485, RS-232 communications.  Z-fold or roll cassette chart options.  Memory stick option also available for recording points in .uhh data format compatible with Eurotherm Review software.

∘ Ability to supply circular charts, strip charts, recorder pens, and ink cartridges for all major recorder manufactures.

∘ Call today for competitive prices and fast delivery on consumables for: ABB Kent, Chessell, Dickson, Eurotherm, Graphic Controls, Honeywell, Penny & Giles, Trerice, and Yokagawa.



Videographic Recorder/Controller in one 1/4 DIN instrument!

Eurotherm NANODAC Controller-Recorder

Eurotherm NANODAC Controller-Recorder

∘ Eurotherm Model NANODAC 1/4 DIN recorder/controller.

∘Dual PID control loops, 50 MB flash memory, Ethernet communications, USB port for data storage on back of unit, (14) virtual channels for maths – totalizers -counter s- slave communication, logic output, (4) relay outputs, isolated DC output, (2) digital inputs for logic, (4) universal inputs, data points compatible with Eurotherm Review software and Dream Report.

∘ All units supplied have clones with all configuration information saved to Eurotherm ITools software for future uploads and easy replacement of existing programmed units.

∘  Industry Best Three Year Warranty!