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Heat Trace

Midwest distributor of Technitrace heat trace!

  • Technitrace self-regulating heat trace.  FP Series for freeze protection on outdoor pipes and tanks.  PM Series for process maintenance on high temperature steam cleaned lines.
  • Continuous metal ground braid meets the requirements of Section 427-22 of the 1993 National Electric Code.
  • Freeze protection available in 120V or 208V to 277V in 5 W/ft and 10 W/ft.
  • Process maintenance available in 120V or 208V to  277V in 5 W/ft, 10 W/ft, 15 W/ft, and 20 W/ft.
  • Full line of accessories for all installations stock in Overland Park, KS: power connection kits, tee kits, splice kits, heat shrink end seals, and high temperature end seals. End signal light kits for 120V to 277V installations. Pipe straps for mounting, fiberglass tape, aluminum tape, and warning labels.
  • Ground fault/monitoring/control device with UL approval.  Meets the requirements of Section 427-22 of the 1996 N.E.C.
  • Ambient and line sensing thermostats available.
  • Hazardous area, explosion-proof, and weatherproof thermostats for ambient and line sensing applications.
  • Sizing charts, installation instructions, and engineering guidelines are available.
  • Extensive experience in specifications and applications of heat trace for freeze protection or process maintenance lines.
  • All voltages and wattage ratings of heat trace is locally stocked or stock at the factory for same day shipment!
Technitrace FP Series Heat Trace Close Up

Technitrace FP Series Heat Trace


Technitrace Power Connection Kits for Pipes Close Up

Technitrace Power Connection Kits for Pipes


Technitrace Thermostat Close Up

Technitrace Thermostat

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